Friday, September 10, 2010

(My) Top 10 Video Games to play while you're high.

10: GTA IV
Really just a fun game when you're high. There's an open world, with a lot to do. All though, the game does get repetitive/frustrating with the story missions. That's why I'd stick to killing hookers and just massacring the whole city. Cheat codes anyone?
9: AudioSurf
Come on, a game that lets you use your own music, and looks awesome. Need I say more?
8: Counterstrike/CS:Source
The only community left in either of these two games is pretty much all stoners. So go meet some nice people. Laugh, have some fun, and kill that faggot awp who camps middle all day on dust 2. Microphone is definitely required for this game to be fun. The community makes the game.
7: The Void
I really can't explain this game. At all. I don't even know where to begin. So go read a REAL review if your interested. The most basic description I can give. Is Okami, with weird demon brothers, and some what hot women with sparkly titties. Interested? I thought so. The downside is, it's not the greatest at recognizing the glyphs you draw, but you get used to it.
Real Non Stoner-fuck review: HERE
6: Dead Space
This is a great game. You get to chop aliens limbs off with a laser designed to cut through rocks. If this already doesn't sound fucking awesome, go play Hello Kitty Island Adventure
5: Mafia II
Great story line, fun open world environment, good graphics. Only downsides are that its kind of a tough game. You die quick and fast in hard mode, and Normal mode seems to easy. Still a GREAT play, and definitely worth your time, sober or high. Plus you can find porn in the game. So if you feel like rubbing one out during your high.. well.. Don't get any on the controller. (Funny how my X button always sticks after playing this game..)
4: Oblivion/Fallout 3
(Thats right. Two games, One Rank. It's my blog I do what I want.)
Fallout 3
I shouldn't even have to explain why this is fucking awesome. Open world, lots of gore, fun storyline, great immersion. Fuckin suhhweet.
Basically same as fallout. Just as much immersion, slightly less gore, and a slightly more irritating storyline. The game does get boring when you find yourself lost in the woods because you forgot what you were doing. Again, in Oblivion I recommend slaughtering everything.
3: Mass Effect 1/2

Both GREAT games. You get full control over your characters actions, what he says, does, and even his class. Yes its an RPG, Yes its fun, and yes, you can indeed have sex with your alien partners.
2: Garry's Mod

Literally EVERYTHING you could want all in ONE game. There's no other way I can explain it. The ONLY reason this game did not hit number 1. Is because the community is FULL of 12 year olds. Really fucking annoying in my book. Again, go read a real review of this game.
ALSO there are MODS inside THE MOD. (inb4 we put mods in your mod...) So theres also deathmatch mode, modes where you can built forts and go to war, and even games where you roleplay as ordinary people.. Ordinary people who can buy bud and boomers and grow them in the back of their closets. :D
1:Killing Floor
Co-Op Survival horror. Basically in killing floor, they release you onto a small map with a Pistol, a Knife, a welder, and a Medic Syringe Gun. Then, they release waves upon waves of zombie/freak/alien things onto this small map. Then you run away and blast them in the dome with your best friend, all the while trash talking the "specimens" with a British accent. So much fun. This is MY favorite game to play high.
Hope you enjoyed. Peace out, and stay tuned for my top 10 movies to watch high.


  1. oo i love these games..playing mafia 2 atm

  2. Love this list, gta 4 is my favorite of all time bro.

  3. Great list. Keep this stuff up. I also support.

  4. Kewl story, bro!

    happy 9/11!

  5. Cs:s / Gmod FTW
    also audiosurf fuckin rocks.

  6. you hsvent played till u get garys mod

  7. Your recommendations are now on my to-do list

  8. fuck man that's basically THE LIST of games i play while high


  9. I'm so glad you mentioned Counterstrike. It doesn't get much love these days. It is still one of my favorites to play.

  10. lol any video game is great while youre high. stay up man